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How shaped cake pans are made

Shaped Cake PAns

Standard cake pans are usually round or square, and they are used for all kinds of cakes, cookies and other desserts. If you’re going to have just one pan, it’s a good idea to have one of a standard size because it gives you the most versatility. But the standard pans aren’t the one ones on the market. There are specialty pans in every theme you could think of – from rubber ducks to dinosaurs to pans that actually put the designs on the inside of the cake – and as long as you have the room to store an extra pan or two, they are hard to resist. They’re great for practicing your cake decorating or for making that perfect cake for a special someone’s birthday (and kids love the shaped cakes that have their favorite characters on them). Did you ever wonder how these shaped cake pans are developed? At the Wilton Piece of Cake Blog, they put together a great little video that shows how these pans are designed from start to finish.

The video is posted below and it is very interesting to see how many steps go into making and testing each of these pans. If also makes me want to come up with my own designs, but with so many on the market I’m pretty sure I could find any design that I could come up with!

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  • so cool and informative! I learn something new every time I take a peek at your blog 🙂

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