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Nordic Ware Lemon Trio Pan

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Nordic Ware Lemon Trio Pan
Loaf cakes are some of my favorite cakes to bake. They typically don’t require any layering or frosting (though they can be incorporated and a glaze is always a nice touch), and they’re just as versatile in the flavor department as bundt cakes, cupcakes and other desserts. I particularly enjoy baking smaller loaves because they make great host/hostess gifts when you want to bring something with you when visiting friends and family. Nordic Ware’s Lemon Trio Pan is a pan for citrus-lovers that allows you to easily bake three mini loaves at the same time. Each of the three cavities in this pan bakes a small loaf that is about 1/3 of the size of a traditional loaf cake – perfect for gifting. Each loaf has a unique citrus design on the top, so you can easily tell the loaves apart if you want to play around with your recipe and add separate mix-ins (additional zest, candied ginger, chocolate chips, etc.) do your basic loaf recipe. The designs are bold enough that they stand out easily from the finished cakes. As usual, I recommend lightly greasing and flouring the loaf cavities before pouring in your batter to help ensure that your baked goods pop out cleanly, but the pans are nonstick and made of heavy duty cast aluminum that generally gives a very clean release.

Lemon Loaf Recipes:

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