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Wilton 6-Cavity Silicone Heart Mold

Wilton Heart Pan
Sometimes, it is hard to resist a seasonal baking pan and I was pulled in by the Wilton Silicone Heart Mold when I saw it in the baking aisle just before Valentine’s Day. This silicone pan has six heart-shaped cavities that are just about the size of a standard muffin cup. It was touted as being freezer, oven and microwave safe (up to 500F) and a great choice for making baked goods as well as frozen treats and gelatin. The pan is great for all of these applications, but I chose it specifically for baking. One of the things that silicone pans are good at is releasing a product, and when you want your muffins to turn out to be perfectly heart-shaped, silicone is a good way to go.

I tried this pan with muffins and with a couple of batches of Chocolate Lava Cakes and had great results. The heart shapes came out cleanly, with smooth sides and good definition. The pan was particularly useful for the soft-centered Lava Cakes, which can easily get stuck to a pan that isn’t grease well enough and leak their chocolate filling before they get to the serving plate. I generally prefer regular pans to silicone, but this is a nice, inexpensive pan to have and the heart shapes are good for Valentine’s Day as well as other occasions when you might want a special treat.

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  • Rachel
    February 1, 2011

    I actually have that but it’s currently taking up residence in my kids play kitchen. It works pretty good. The only thing I hate about silicone is the wobbly factor when you have liquid ingredients inside.

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