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Wilton Bunny Whoopie Pie Pan

Wilton Bunny Whoopie Pie Pan
Whoopie pies are typically round in shape, made with soft, cake-like cookies that sandwich a creamy filling. It may be tradition to have round whoopie pies, but it isn’t written in stone that all whoopies must be round, either. These classic snack cakes are enjoying a surge in popularity right now and to make them a little more holiday-appropriate, Wilton has just introduced a Bunny Whoopie Pie Pan that makes bunny shaped cakes perfect for a spring or Easter celebration.

The nonstick pan has 12 bunny shaped cavities, and all you need to do is pipe in the batter of your choice and let them bake. With a pan to give you the forms, you don’t need to worry about your batter spreading while it bakes or that your whoopies won’t match up properly for sandwiches. You might, however, need to level off one side of the cookie with a knife to get a better fit if your batter puffs up too much, as the bunnies fit back-to-front when sandwiched.  The cakes should release from the pan easily, and then you can fill and decorate them however you wish. If you don’t want to limit yourself to whoopie pies, you can also use the pan for other cookies (pressing a thicker dough down into the molds), like chocolate chip or shortbread.

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