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Mini Holiday Loaf Pan

Mini Holiday Loaf Pan

Mini loaves of homemade breads and cakes make great holiday gifts. Individually wrapped, they can be a great little treat for a friend, and when packaged up together, they can be part of a lovely holiday basket to be enjoyed by a group. Little loaves of gingerbread and banana bread (or banana gingerbread, as the case may be) can be a little plain looking for a gift, even when swathed in brightly colored paper. This doesn’t bother me too much, since the flavor of the bread is the real gift, but it’s nice to fancy things up a bit for the holidays and NordicWare’s Mini Holiday Loaf Pan is a great way to do just that.

The pan bakes eight mini loaves and has holiday designs cast into each one. When you pop your loaves out of the nonstick pan, you’ll see a holiday candle, snowman, Santa Claus or other fun design. You can decorate them, if you wish, but the designs are clear enough that they need no icing to make an impact.

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