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Birthday Cake Mould, reviewed

Birthday Cake Mold

I really like the idea of a birthday cake that doesn’t need any frosting to say “happy birthday” and is still clearly a birthday cake, as opposed to your average, everyday cake. After all, it’s nice when birthday cakes are a little bit special for the occasion. So, this silicone Birthday Cake Pan really appealed to me when I first heard about the design. It is a silicone pan that bakes the words “happy birthday” right onto a cake. I couldn’t resist trying one when I had the chance, to give the pan a dry run before I baked a real birthday cake in it.

The cake pan is good looking and performs like most silicone pans do, meaning that it is a bit floppy and really needs to be braced on a baking sheet when you put it in the oven. But it does work as advertised and cakes come out with a big “happy birthday” around the outside of each layer, as you can see below. There are a few minor things to note about this pan if you decide you want one, however. First, the impressions in the cake pan are not very deep, so denser cakes, brownies and even fudge are going to give you the best results. Second, some cakes will stick in the corners of the letters a little bit, so make sure that your cake cools completely in the pan before turning it out. Finally, even though the pan is nonstick, greasing and flouring the pan will help the cake come out even more easily and will give the letters some definition.

It’s a fun pan to play with and I like the fact that it doesn’t require any frosting to dress it up for a party. All you need is a quick dusting of powdered sugar will help the design stand out. I’ll be using it for brownies in the future because a denser recipe will give the design a clearer result and, frankly, brownies with a birthday message might be an even bigger hit at a party than a cake!

Happy Birthday Cake

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  • I bet a brownie cake would be good in it. Very interesting!!!

  • Belinda @zomppa
    May 27, 2010

    That’s really cute! Takes sophistication up a notch!

  • Eva
    May 27, 2010

    This is ingenious!

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