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Wilton Love Cake Pan

Wilton Love Cake Pan

Nothing says “I Love You” like homemade baked goods – unless the pan literally prints the words right onto your cake. This Love Cake Pan from Wilton does just that. The pan is shaped in the form of the word “love” and features little hearts for the center of the “o” and the “e.” It does look like something that you might have doodled in your homeroom notebook in school, but since the cake pan is designed for Valentine’s day, the overall effect here is cute rather than corny.

The pan is nonstick and the design is straightforward, so your cakes should slide easily out of the pan with a very clear design. The pan holds about the same amount of batter as a standard loaf pan, although it is slightly shallower. This means that you’ll probably have to reduce the baking time for your favorite banana bread or pound cake recipe by a few minutes so that it doesn’t get overbaked. Like most Wilton cake pans, this one also comes with instructions for using a cake mix (you’ll only need 2/3 of a prepared, standard cake mix) so that you can make the cake as easily as possible and get down to decorating this cake for your loved ones.

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