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Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July, everyone! I hope you’re all out celebrating with some good food, friends and fireworks. I recommend grilling, especially if you live somewhere hot. Nothing beats a hot day like standing in front of a hot grill – and then being able to appreciate the temperature difference once you step away from the grill to eat!

These patriotic cupcakes are just simple vanilla cupcakes with some cream cheese frosting. I used red and blue sanding sugar to make the striped design on top. These look festive and take very little time to make. Even easier are my Red, White and Blue Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries. If you go the chocolate dipping route for dessert, don’t forget that you can dip any other cookies or treats you have around the house into the melted chocolate. Kids will go crazy dipping cookies and marshmallows, in addition to the strawberries, especially when you introduce sprinkles as decorations (I had some help with my chocolate-dipped Oreos, pictured below). White chocolate, along with red and blue sprinkles is the best combination for the 4th of July, but feel free to bring in some milk or dark chocolate, too.

Get the kids involved to make these!

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  • Sues
    July 4, 2009

    Ahhh those oreos are SOO cute!!! How perfect. Have a happy 4th of July!! 🙂 🙂

  • allison
    July 4, 2009

    Happy 4th of July from South Africa. We are in the midst of winter misery and i wish you a wonderful summer day!!!

  • BigSis
    July 4, 2009

    Very cute, and very patriotic! I love the oreos!

  • Steph
    July 4, 2009

    Those cupcakes are so cute! I love how you decorated them. You have a few vanilla cupcakes recipes, which is your favourite? I’m thinking of giving this one a try because it has less butter than most recipes I’ve seen. With one cup of buttermilk to 1 1/3 cup of flour.. could it be a little too moist?

  • Sophia
    July 5, 2009

    Hi! I love your blog, and I make a lot of recipes from it. Would you mind if I posted some the recipes from here on my blog, as long as I say that they are from here? Thanks – Sophia

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