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5 Must-Make Memorial Day Desserts

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Grilled Peach Sundaes

Memorial Day is often considered to be the start of the summer grilling season. It comes right near the end of the school year and it is the time when the whether really starts to warm up all over the country. A backyard barbecue is a must to kick off the season (even if you grill the rest of the year) and a good excuse to have a party. Whether you grill burgers, hot dogs, skirt steak or chicken, you need to end a good barbecue with a great dessert and these delicious ideas will ensure that your party ends on a high note!

Grilled fruit is one of the simplest and most delicious desserts that you can have at a barbecue or other cookout. The summer grilling season is when many fruits are at their peak, and grilling them only serves to make them even more flavorful. Once your fruit is grilled, you can serve it with ice cream. Grilled Peach Sundaes are one of my favorites. You can also turn your grilled fruit – or roasted fruit – into a shortcake by pairing it with buttery biscuits and plenty of whipped cream, as in this Roasted Strawberry Shortcake or these Grilled Peach Shortcakes.

Roasted Strawberry Shortcake

Lemonade is a refreshing drink that is always a hit at summer parties and this Pink Lemonade Cake takes it from drink to dessert. The airy, lemony cake only needs a simple glaze to finish it off, so you don’t need to worry about frosting melting on a hot day or if you leave the cake sitting near the grill! The cake is also very easy to transport, so it’s an especially good choice if you’re going over to a friend or family’s yard for that cookout.

Strawberry Chiffon Cake

Cool slices of watermelon (with a touch of salt!) can be a good dessert option on their own, but these Watermelon Cupcakes might be even better. They look like little tiny watermelons and they taste like melon – thanks to a splash of melon liquor that is added to the batter. The alcohol should bake off in the oven, but look for melon extract if you want to eliminate the alcohol in your batch.

Watermelon Cupcakes

Strawberries aren’t the only fruit in-season during the summer, though they get a lot of time in the spotlight. Showcase some other fruits with this Blueberry and Nectarine Cobbler. As is the case with most fruit cobblers, this dessert is not fussy and can be prepared well in advance, which makes it a great choice for any party. The fruit filling is rich and sweet, the perfect contrast for the buttery lemon cobbler topping. You might want to double the recipe, since it also makes great leftovers that you can enjoy the next day.

Blueberry and Nectarine Cobbler

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  • Kevin Michaels
    May 23, 2014

    Hi There,

    My mouth was watering through out that post, great desserts and not too heavy which is an added bonus when the weather is getting that bit better. Loved the watermelon cupcakes they looked beautiful… so cute…

    Great Read!

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