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Wilton Mini Hearts Cake Pan

Wilton Mini Heart Cake Pan

The Dessert for Two Heart Pan is perfect for a romantic treat on Valentine’s Day, but it’s one of those things that probably won’t get much use unless you bake desserts for two all the time. The Wilton Mini Hearts Cake Pan gives you the same romantic look of a heart-shaped cake, along with a few more baking and serving options. The pan bakes a total of seven individually sized cakes. Each one almost resembles a miniature bundt cake, with a heart-shaped depression in the top of the cake in which you can put a fruit or candy (or more frosting, if you choose to frost these). While the pan should still be greased and floured before baking to ensure that you get all the details transferred to the cakes, it’s nice that the pan is  nonstick and should have a fairly quick release on its own.

One of the reasons I prefer this pan is that it holds 6 cups of batter, so you can use a wider variety of recipes with it. Most cupcake recipes will fit well, although each heart is almost double the size of a standard cupcake and will need a slightly longer baking time. And if you’re planning to use it for a romantic occasion and really only need one or two cakes, is it really such a bad thing to have leftovers for tomorrow morning?

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