Dessert for Two Heart Pan

Dessert for Two Heart PanI can’t resist throwing in yet another cute Valentine’s Day-appropriate bit of baking gear, and because the holiday is more-or-less about indulging your heart’s desire, I’m not going to feel too guilty about it. The Dessert for Two Heart Pan is a little pan that turns out two heart-shaped cakes that can be stacked together and served as one miniature – and romantic – layer cake.

If you’re not looking to shrink a typical showstopper cake down to a more intimate size, but would prefer to make two individual desserts, the pan can be used for that, as well. Flourless chocolate mini cakes would be perfect here. Each heart-shaped cavities measures about 5 inches across (give or take, considering that it is heart-shaped) and 1 1/2 inches deep. You should be able to use the equivalent of a large cupcakes’ worth, or perhaps two cupcakes, of batter per heart, but since the size of the pan is so unusual, if you’re planning on doing a custom cake with a “regular” recipe, consider baking a test batch on the day before Valentine’s so that you get the timing just right.

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  1. I think the link to the baking tray might not be right?

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