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Split Decision Pie Pan

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Split Decision Pie

There are times when a whole pie is just too much. Pie is always delicious, of course, but when there are only two people to eat that pie, it can be tough to get through a whole 9-inch pie without the crust getting soggy and it loosing some of its deliciousness. There are also times when you might not want to bake a whole pie because you are looking for a more variety than a single pie will offer. For instance, you might want to serve both apple and cherry pie for dessert, or a meat and vegetarian savory pie for dinner. Two whole pies would mean that you need even more people to share them with. Since I’m not always baking for a huge crowd, the Split Decision Pie Pan immediately caught my eye. This is a unique pie plate that lets you bake two half pies.

The Split Decision pan starts with a regular 9-inch, nonstick pan, but it comes with a matching nonstick divider that perfectly cuts that round plate in half. The base of the divider is generous, and you don’t need to worry about fillings leaking through from one side of the pie to the other. You can line each half of the pan with crust – doing one half at a time, or doing both halves together – and create half pies just as you would a full sized pie. Baking times will be about the same for fruit fillings as the would be for a full sized pie. One extra feature of this pan is that the base is removable, so it is easy to get the half-pies out of the pan to serve. And if you need a full sized pie for an occasion, simply pull out the divider and use the whole pan.

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  • Stephanie P.
    June 19, 2012

    I told my sister I feel this pan was designed by a man who never bakes! Look at the inside crust, it’s not brown at all and looks fairly raw.

    I think if you want 2 half pies you’re better off going with a mini pie pan.

    Has anyone used this pan with success?

  • I agree with Stephanie P. The interior crust looks less than appealing and there’s nothing worse than raw pie dough. I use mini pans to satisfy our unique likes (husband hates apple, son hates cherry, I love ’em all) and I’m assured that the pie will be gone without us having to over-indulge.

  • Connie
    June 20, 2012

    I’ve been saying for years that someone should invent a half-a-pie pan. Will be checking this out.

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