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Kake Kut’rs

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Kake Kut’rs

The cake cutter that I used most often is a big, serrated knife – and I admit that it’s not exactly a cake cutter, but more of a general purpose kitchen tool. Sometimes I use a spatula to slide a cut piece of cake away from the rest. Mostly, I use the flat side of the knife to balance the cake before transferring it to a plate. Anyone who has used this technique knows that there is a big risk of the cake slipping off the knife before you make it to the plate, no matter how close the cake platter is to the dessert plate. I’m usually willing to take the risk for the convenience of using my knife, but I really like the idea of a cake cutter that is able to cut and serve a cake without me needing to worry about where the slice will end up.

Kake Kut’rs seem to fill this niche very well. The Kut’rs are rather like tongs, shaped so that they can grip things from the side. In this case, they’re specially designed to pick up slices of cake. The cake cutters are made of thin metal sheets, narrow enough to give you a clean slice when pressed into a cake, and have handles that squeeze together to provide enough grip to lift the cake slice up and out for serving. They come in three different designs, each intended for either a sheet cake, round layer cake or a rectangular loaf cake.

Compared to my serrated knife, they fall into the “unitasker” category of only performing one job, but they do it well and definitely improve overall presentation by eliminating the chance of dropping a slice or having to support it with frosting-covered fingers to keep it upright – making serving (dare I say?) a piece of cake.

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  • Amy
    August 7, 2008

    I got one of these as a wedding gift four years ago. It works pretty well, and is especially useful if you want to cut a thin slice of cake.

  • Hannah
    August 8, 2008

    Those are so cool!

  • phil
    August 23, 2008

    These look so good and would really help with the summer fate we have coming up next week!

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