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I actually have more than one cookbook with recipes for Joe Froggers in them, but most don’t really go into what the cookie is or how it got its name. Fortunately, Cake Spy did. They’re crispy molasses cookies that are rich in flavor and keep for a long time – making them great cookies to keep around the house and munch on from time to time, and even better cookies to pack up and ship to a friend.

Pistachios are a wonderful addition to brownies, especially dark chocolate brownies, and it looks like they are an equally good addition to blondies, the fudgy cookie equivalent to brownies. The Pistachio Chocolate Chip Blondies at use real butter are just beautiful. The green color of the nuts really stands out in the blondies and, in addition to adding flavor, really enhances their overall look. The recipe is way down at the bottom of the post, so keep scrolling to find it!

With the Olympics still going strong, I’m sure that we’ve all been watching at least a few more sporting events than usual. WWF style wrestling won’t make it to the games, but it did serve as the sporty inspiration for the Urban Housewife‘s British Bulldog’s Custard Berry Tart. Actually, wrestling and a trip to London both equally inspired the dessert. The tart has a crust made with biscuit (cookie) crumbs, a silky custard made with soy milk, and is topped with a Union Jack of berries.

If you haven’t eaten breakfast yet, you might not want to click through to Vegan Visitor‘s Cherry Streusel Muffins. They look mouthwatering, and aside from one twist ingredient in the topping, there really isn’t much to separate them from “traditional” muffins, so don’t be put off if the idea of vegan baking seems difficult. This recipe actually uses Earth Balance butter (a non-dairy butter) in the topping, but this is the type of recipe where you could easily substitute in real butter if that’s what you prefer to bake with and still get great results.

How many twists can there be on peanut butter cookies? Fill them with chocolate,  add chocolate chips, and that’s about it, right? Cookie Madness definitely takes home the prize for most unique variation on a classic with Peanut Butter and Chipotle Cookies. The spicy-sweet combination works just as well here as it does anywhere else – only you get the addition of a surprise factor, since no one would suspect these plain seeming cookies to pack such a big flavor punch.

Wrapping up this week’s Bites is the mouthwatering  Chocolate Macadamia Coconut Cream Pie from Sugar Plum. It is over-the-top indulgence and it is a no-bake pie, so you don’t even have to work very hard for excellent results. The crust is made with crushed oreos and macadamia nuts, and a creamy chocolate pudding with loads of coconut is poured on top. The whole thing is finished with whipped cream, more coconut and a drizzle of chocolate. Yum!

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