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Batter Blender

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Batter Blender

Whisks are often the best tools for mixing up a batter. Because of the way that the multiple strands of wire weave through the ingredients, it does an efficient job of combining them all without overmixing anything. Unfortunately, a whisk doesn’t work well for all types of batter. Brownie batter, for instance, is usually too thick to be whisked, and a portion will always clump up in the body of the whisk without mixing in properly. Aside from being annoying, this can lead to overmixing, as you are forced to clean the whisk and stir repeatedly to get every trace of dry ingredients mixed in. Using a large spoon or spatula can work, but those can actually be fairly inefficient for a brownie-type batter.

With an eye towards increased efficiency, Wilton introduced the Batter Blender. The tool has a long, solid head with four angled blades. The solid blades move the ingredients around more easily than a simple spoon would (like a whisk), but don’t allow the batter to get clumpy (like a spoon). In fact, it even has a scalloped edge along its tip that will easily break up any stubborn clumps of sugar or flour. The blender is made with a silicon coating over a nylon core, so it is nonstick and easy to clean.

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