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  • When I make an ice cream cake, it’s usually for a party or a barbecue and, since there are a lot of people to serve, I usually opt to make a full-size sheet cake, like my Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake. There’s no reason that ice cream cake can’t be turned into ice cream cupcakes, however, and Joy the Baker used my two favorite ice cream cake flavors to make a batch of ice cream cake cupcakes. Start any regular cupcake recipe and only fill the cups half-full. Top cooled cakes with ice cream, freeze and you’re good to go.
  • I absolutely love ripe mango, whether it is in a simple fruit salad or used in a more elegant dish. Fresh from the Oven‘s Mango Mascarpone Mousse Cake is on the latter end of the spectrum. The beautiful cake is made with a foolproof sponge cake that then layered with sweet mango mousse. The “mirror” on top of the dessert makes the cake pop with color and is made with a lightly sweetened mango puree.
  • The Honey Parfait at Addicted Sweet Tooth might look simple, but tis parfait is not the healthy variety layered with fruit and yogurt that you’ll see at coffee shops and breakfast joints. It uses a light textured, but very, very rich cream sauce as a base to highlight fresh blood oranges. Definitely a wonderful way to end dinner party.
  • Another way to put some gorgeous, fresh fruit to good use is in a dessert soup, as Cannelle et Vanille did. The Strawberry Soup with Vanilla Bean and Milk Sorbet recipe is quite simple – especially the soup, which is made by cooking strawberries until they release their juice, then sweetening and straining the mixture. The sorbet is a bit lighter than straight ice cream and really sets off the berry flavor.
  • The word ‘jasmine’ is apparently derived from a Persian word meaning ‘gift of god.” This works, in part, to explain why the flavor of Aaplemint‘s Jasmine Ice Cream is so heavenly. The delicate and sweet floral flavor of the fresh jasmine (homegrown!) added a delicate flavor to the not-to-sweet ice cream base. It’s a grown up ice cream, but all the better for its subtlety.
  • Chocolate Mousse is a deceptively simple dish. Light and almost airy when it comes to texture, the flavor of the dessert and the experience of eating it are incredibly rich. David Lebovitz used a Julia Child recipe as a jumping off point for his Perfect Chocolate Mousse. It uses plenty of chocolate, butter and egg yolks for flavor and richness, and gets its lightness from beaten egg whites.

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