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OXO Corn Stripper

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OXO Corn StripperWhile I love to eat corn straight off the cob, it’s not everyone’s favorite way to eat the sweet, seasonal vegetable. The cobs can be difficult to handle and you need to have toothpicks or floss available after you eat. Cutting the corn off of the cob eliminates both of these problems and still gives you the freshest corn possible. A sharp kitchen knife is the most basic tool for de-corning a cob, though it does take some practice to get a good angle for the cob and to prevent the corn from scattering everywhere as you slice it. Here is where corn strippers come into the picture, gadgets that make getting the corn off the cob a snap.

I still stick with my knife, but I love the design of this OXO Corn Stripper because it comes with a container that collects the corn as you work. Most of the products out there that do this job simply slide the corn off without depositing it anywhere in particular. The OXO stripper only holds up to 1/2-cup of corn (the amount that might come off of a small cob), so you might need to empty it if you’re stripping a big batch of cobs in preparation for making creamed corn or cornbread, but it’s still a handy kitchen tool for corn season.

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  • julia
    May 27, 2008

    i like oxo tools, but i don’t think i’ll be getting this one. have you ever seen how michael chiarello strips corn off the cob? after removing the husks and silk, he leaves the part at the bottom sort of intact and sticks it in the hole of a bundt pan and cuts the corn off. it all ends up in the pan that way.


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