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  • Even though Easter is coming up and I have more than enough seasonal candy to last me until… well, almost until next Easter, I can’t help but be tempted when I see homemade candy bars – especially when they sound as good as Baked Alaska‘s Caramel Candy Bars. The bars are baked and turn out something like a granola bar, only much, much more decadent. They’re packed with caramel, chocolate chips and chopped walnuts, as well as oats, butter and brown sugar.
  • As the weather gets warmer, chilled deserts become more and more appealing. Panna cotta is one that sounds much more difficult to make than it really is. Anne’s Foodtries to reasure readers by emphasizing how simple the light desserts really are. Her Vanilla Panna Cota with Apple Compoteis a combination that sounds like it could taste similar to apple pie a la mode and seems like a good one to start with if you’re considering jumping into panna cotta experimentation.
  • Meyer Lemons are still in season. My little lemon tree is practically falling over with the weight of them and i’ve been trying to use them up in things like lemonade lately. A Meyer Lemon Cake with Fig Purée and Pistachios, which Sugar Plum Sweets made, only uses a bit of lemon but to a big effect. The cake, and the combination of it with the figs and pistachios, is a lovely dessert for spring.
  • Stone Soup must have been busy this week to put together not one but two recipes in one post. Chocolate Sorbet and a flourless Orange & Almond Cakepair together to form the classic chocolate-orange combination. The cake is moist and very citrussy, thanks to whole boiled oranges that are mixed in with almond meal to flavor the base. The chocolate sorbet is, well, very chocolaty and a nice change from more typical cake accompaniments like whipped cream or custard.
  • Moving slightly out of this week’s seasonal mold are the Pumpkin Pocket Cookies from Biscuit Pusher. The cookies are light and cake-like in texture, flavored with cinnamon and studded with raisins. The cream cheese-flavored frosting really does seal the cakiness of the cookie, but in a good way. They use canned (or pureed) pumpkin and can pretty much be made year round – a feature I like since there is no way I’m waiting until October to enjoy some pumpkin goodies again.
  • Madelines are tiny tea cakes disguised as slightly crumbly cookies for easy dipping into a hot drink. Plain butter madelines are pretty standard fare and chocolate will sometimes make an appearance, but I rarely see other flavor variations around. This is why Milk and Cookies‘s Apple and Cinnamon Madelines really caught my attention. They’re a bit moister than most, thanks to pureed apples that are incorporated into the cake batter, and sound like a really lovely change from the usual flavors.

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  • Lisa
    March 12, 2008

    This recipe sounds really good and I have some canned pumpkin left from last Nov/Dec so I think I’ll try these. How many does it make? how big should each cookie be? do you know? if not, I’ll figure it out but it’s nice to know how I should be dividing the cookie dough. Thanks

  • Emiline
    March 12, 2008

    You certainly have a lot of readers…
    Thanks for the mention.
    And that’s not fair that you have a lemon tree in your yard.

  • Candy Bars
    April 2, 2008

    Basically candy appeals to all age groups, but especially to children. This is because the countless varieties of candy that are available in the market cater to almost all tastes and preferences.

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