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Holiday Cupcake Wrappers from Martha Stewart

Holiday Cupcake Wrappers from Martha Stewart

I am always on the lookout for fun, seasonal cupcake wrappers. They give a little variety from plain white papers, and adding a bit of color never hurt, either. The vast majority of seasonal cupcake wrappers are cartoonish, with bright green, purple and blue backgrounds studded with lively Santa heads, or something similar. I like these cupcake wrappers a lot, and have quite the collection, but I always jump for the chance to pick up something a little more understated that has a chance of coordinating with the cupcakes I’m baking, while still adding a bit of interest.

Recently, I found a great set of holiday cupcake wrappers from Martha Stewart Crafts. Pictured above, the designs include a candy cane pattern, red with white snowflakes and white with red speckles the colors are lovely and each is simple enough to add to the cupcake, without being a distraction (and they went perfectly with my striped Candy Cane Cupcakes!). I found these at Michael‘s, a craft store that carries the MS craft line. Unfortunately, they’re not selling them online, so you’ll have to stop by a local store to check them out.

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  • Joyce Porter
    December 5, 2008

    Those wrappers looks really nice to bad they dont sell it online. I hope I can find those in my local stores.

  • Victor Lorentzo
    December 7, 2008

    Cool wrappers. Since I live in Europe I will probably not get my hands on them, but they would be cool to use for some christmas cup cakes.

  • Seduction
    June 4, 2009

    These wrappers are very cool! They look very attractive!! I want to get my hands on them 😀

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