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Star of David Bundt

Star of David Pan
There really aren’t as many Hannukah-themed baking gadgets and pans out there as there are for Christmas. This isn’t surprising because Hannukah has never been associated with baking in the same way that Christmas has been. Many of the most famous dishes for the holiday are fried, such as latkes and sufganiyot. But perhaps because of the fact that people love to bake any time of year, there are more and more Hannukah themed baking accessories out there every year that encourage people to bake, as well as fry. Perhaps there are not quite as many as there are Christmas items, but the trend is growing and you can see this clearly in Nordicware’s Star of David Bundt, a pan that is ideal for a Hannukah dessert and gorgeous even when it’s just sitting in the kitchen.

The Star of David pan is made of cast aluminum and has a (standard) 10-cup capacity that should allow it to work with most bundt recipes. Also worth noting is that, in spite of the level of detail in the design of the pan, cakes should come out fairly easily. Not only is the interior of the pan nonstick, but the corners of the star are all easily accessible, so giving it a light and thorough greasing to ensure that your cake pops out cleanly should be a snap.

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  • Amy
    November 28, 2007

    I just bought this bundt in September to enter the Nordicware Bundt Contest (alas, I did not win). I baked bundts about 4 times that week, and each time the cake came out easily and oh-so-pretty!

  • star of david
    February 10, 2009

    star of magen david can be found here

  • […] want to bake. You can even bake big star-shaped ice cubes and pop them into a bow of punch.A Star of David Bundt Cake Pan can also turn any of your favorite bundt cake recipes into a treat perfect for a Hanukkah potluck. […]

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