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Cook’s Illustrated Tests Egg Toppers

Egg Topper
An egg topper is a kitchen gadget that you really only need if you like soft boiled eggs. But if you do, you know the value of a gadget that will neatly slice off the top of an egg – shell and all – to allow you to easily get to the perfectly cooked center with your spoon or with a stick of buttery toast. Egg toppers work neatly and quickly, and I’ve also used mine (which is pictured above) to make cool looking egg cups to serve puddings and panna cotta in.

Cook’s Illustrated recently (Jan/Feb 2013) put some toppers to the test to see which ones worked the best. They found that egg toppers come in two styles: scissor and spring-loaded. The scissor models worked faster and were significantly cheaper, but cut less cleanly. The spring toppers worked like little plungers, pulling the tops off with much more precision, but were triple the cost of the scissor models. In the end, the test kitchen team opted for the easier-to-use plunger models over the scissor style, despite the price difference.  The winner was the Rosle Egg Topper, which was very precise and reliably topped eggs time and again. Their second choice topper was made by Paderno World Cuisine, which topped the eggs cleanly, but often cracked the bottom shell as well. Their last choice was the scissor style Fox Run Topper, which did get the job done, but not as neatly as the spring-loaded competition.

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