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Truffle pretzel spiderweb for Halloween

truffle pretzel spiderwebHalloween isn’t one of those holidays that sends me out looking for gourmet candies and treats. Call me a traditionalist, but while I’m not about to turn down a pumpkin pie truffle, I tend to stick with the more widely available chocolates and candies at this time of year. The more exotic or indulgent things get saved for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter. This isn’t to say that there aren’t exceptions and I couldn’t resist sharing one of Moonstruck‘s Halloween creations. Their Spider Truffle and Crooked Pretzel Web is both simple and exceptionally creative, made with chocolate-covered pretzel sticks that have been shaped into a spiderweb and mounted on a thin base of chocolate to help hold the structure together. In the center of the web is a chocolate truffle, topped with a milk chocolate spider.

If you have some time on your hands and don’t mind getting your fingers dirty, making a batch of these chocolate spiderwebs would be a great holiday project. You’ll need some pretzel sticks and a bag of chocolate candy melts (which will be much easier to work with over an extended period of time than straight melted chocolate), as well as a clean work surface and a few towels.

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