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Pumpkin pans for fall

pumpkincheesecakepanI have a soft spot for themed foods and, as much as I love to eat pumpkin and pumpkin-related desserts, I am also a huge fan of some of the neat pumpkin-shaped pans out there that have been released for the fall holiday season. The pumpkin cheesecake pan(pictured) has straight-sided cavities to mold perfectly shaped mini pumpkins. The pan has a removable bottom, which makes it easy to get the pumpkins out without damaging the delicate texture of the cheesecake or messing up the small, detailed stem on top.

For cakes, there are lots of options. The great pumpkin panis a particular favorite of mine and I pull mine out every year around Thanksgiving, though I often think of using it in spring just for the heck of it. There is also a version of the pan that allows you to make smaller – but no less impressive – 3D pumpkin cakes. If you want to get smaller still, Wilton has two muffin-type pumpkin pans: one with a mix of pumpkin and ghost shapes and another that forms mini jack-o-lanterns.

And last but not least, the perfect pan for a pumpkin pie has got to be this pumpkin-shaped pie plate. It holds as much as a standard 9×1 1/2 inch pie plate and, of course, can be used for any other type of pie, as well. Wilton offers their own pumpkin pie recipe (pdf) along with the pan, but you should be able to fit your favorite filling in without a problem.

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