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Wilton Summer Mini Cake Pan

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Summer Mini Cake Pan

It seems like winter just ended, but I know I’m not alone when I say that I’m already looking forward to the summer. Summer means sun, beaches, vacations and relaxation.  For many of us, it also means that there is more time to bake  because the days are longer and lazier, which makes it seem like there is always time in the day to whip up another batch of chocolate chip cookies. Wilton’s Summer Mini Cake Pan captures some of the spirit of summer in an easy to bake with form. The nonstick pan features two designs – sunglasses and ice cream cones – that are perfect for summertime celebrations.

The miniature cakes are about as deep as a cupcake, so you get a good portion of cake in each cavity when you’re baking, and the nonstick finish will help the cake come out cleanly while leaving the detailed designs intact. Just looking at this pan makes me think of eating an ice cream cone on a hot day at the beach – but it also makes me think of how fun it would be to decorate a whole bunch of these little cakes for a summer barbecue or pool party.

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