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Last minute Halloween cupcake ideas

bloggers’ h’ween cupcakes!

 While I liked all of my Halloween creations this year, my vampire cupcakes were the things that really got me excited. Slime-Filled Cupcakes are sure to get people talking at a Halloween party, too, and take a close second to the vampire cupcakes. I know I’m not the only one who goes all out decorating (baked goods, in this case) for Halloween, either. If you’re still looking for a few good cupcake ideas, there are plenty of amazing things out there to choose from.

For decorating ideas, if the filled cupcakes aren’t your thing, take a look at 52 Cupcakes’ massive cupcake graveyard of spooky cakes, mostly decorated with gummy candies and spooky plastic toys, like eyeballs and skeletons. Cupcake Project made some chocolate witch cupcakes, which are not only adorable, but perfectly accessorized with cookie brooms. Chocolate Covered Witch Hats would be a great cupcake topper, too. Not Martha put together some deliciously filled spider cupcakes for a creepy crawly look.

If you still need more inspiration, Flickr also has a bunch of great suggestions, from monster brain cupcakes and zombie cupcakes to garbage heap cupcakes (reminiscent of another childhood fav: dirt cups). Don’t forget to take a peekJack Skellington Cupcakes, if you’re a Nightmare Before Christmas fan, like me!

If starting your decorations from scratch is just a little too time intensive, you can always go for pre-made stencils to dress up a frosted cake (or cookie) or simply stick some edible sugar decorations on top.

Update: For more Halloween Treat ideas, check out this updated post, too!

Vampire Cupcakes

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  • JEP
    October 30, 2007

    Thanks for locating all these ideas—really fun to create themed foods & everyone appreciates it!

  • Sophia
    October 31, 2007

    I made the vampire cupcakes this weekend, and they turned out great! I had lots of left over cherry pie filling, as well as icing. Great job! Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!

  • Bianca
    November 1, 2007

    Woo! That’s my Zombie hand. Thanks for the shout 🙂

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