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  1. BlunderChef Schade

    Wow!I love this site! When it comes to finding simple baking tips that your mother or grandmothers ( or fathers and grandfather’s) couldn’t pass on this is a refreshingly right to the point source for me and my son. Thank you very much for not overwhelming US with ads and unnessasary details or odd expensive gadgets. The recipients are simple and delisous.

  2. Hi Nicole,

    I follow your blog avidly, and cook your recipes often. They are foolproof.

    I have a request. Could you reinstate or add a link to the earlier version of the recipe index, where the list without descriptions popped up? Browsing this format takes way longer. I know you’ve had this format for over 2 years, I should have chimed in earlier maybe?

    I would help people like me who forget the names of the recipes, and are unfortunately always pressed for time.

    Many thanks for your excellent work. Much appreciated!!

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