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Newspaper dessert recipes make people fat?

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Some newspapers do it on Tuesdays and others opt for Thursdays, but the vast majority of newspapers run their food sections on Wednesdays. I know I look forward to perusing the pages – either physical or virtual – of some on my favorite newspapers every week to check out new reviews and recipes. According to a recent survey, however, this seemingly innocent paper perusal can be hazardous to your health.

Researchers at the Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation in Wisconsin found that there was a significant correlation between the caloric content of newspaper dessert recipes and the obesity rates in their areas – all cities with populations of 400,000 or more – of circulation. The conclusion here seems to be that the more fattening the desserts, the more likely people are to make them. Unfortunately, the survey didn’t actually include any data on how many readers attempted those recipes, so it is entirely possible that the more fattening recipes are published in response to an existing demand for them and that their publication is not a major cause for concern.

The same survey also looked at the calorie content of entree recipes published in those same food sections and found that there was no correlation between calorie content and obesity rates.

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