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Blogging By Mail: Opening the Packages (A roundup)

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I definately want to thank everyone who participated in the first ever Blogging By Mail.
The event went smoothly, by all accounts. I collected names and addresses, matched people up more-or-less at random (no playing favorites!) and the rest was up to the participants. People made, bought or stole goodies from their kitchens and localities and mailed them out across the globe. We had 22 participants from the US, Canada, France, Singapore and Australia. I didn’t put myself into the round because I wanted to be free to coordinate everything. I also decided to send something small to everyone who participated, both to inagurate the event and to ensure that even if something went horribly awry, everyone would get something.
I think that Melissa’s son’s coments, upon seeing a package arrive, were my favorites:

Do you know this person?
Is she a crazy blogger?

Maybe we’re all a little crazy (about food!), but I think that blogging is all that amounts to. And I can definately say that I know people a lot better as a result of this event. I know that some of the swappers are keeping in contact, too! We all love the treats, but I think the new friends we’re all making are even better.

Here’s a little list of the posts about the event:

McAuliflower posted her first package as soon as it arrived, adding a gorgeous photo! She also found a little clarity, with a little help from her blogging by mail buddy, of course.
Samantha’s gives up some hints about the next round.
The Baker shows the great looking goodies she sent off!
Mariko proves you don’t have to exclusively blog about food to make some tasty treats.
Clare’s blogged about not one but two packages, with great photo collages.
Templar also covered more than one package.
Sam’s post proves that cookies make much better mail than bills.
Stephanie was worried about distances when she sent out her package, but it sounds like she did a great job.
Linda may have ended up on a sugar high after getting through her goodies.
Jessica packages included some rather unusual finds from Oregon.
Farmgirl’s taste of home nearly filled up the tiny post office in her town.
Melissa guides our attention to her booty while she waits for the next round.
Jennifer’s package introduced her to some tasty treats from Singapore.
Cathy received a box of traditional Aussie goodies from AugustusGloop, whose post about the package I sent out is oh-so-sweet!

The Baker’s package was packed with homemade candy – as well as a few items not available in Singapore.

Lauren doesn’t (yet) have a blog, but sent in this report : I sent Cheddar-Jalapeno Bread and some honey sticksfrom my farmer’s market in Bloomington, Indiana toSuzie in Brooklyn. We’ve actually kept in touch a bitand plan to do so in the future. I’m really happy tohave someone to talk to about food with! I received avery nice package from Cheryl in Singapore. She sen tme a ton of stuff, including candy we can’t buy here, a mix to make a classic Singapore dish (so fun!) andsome wonderful chocolate chip cookies that I promptly sat down on the floor to eat when I received.

We’re working on setting up the next round – so stay tuned!

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  • Nic
    August 2, 2005

    I accidentally disabled comments when I first published this post, but they’re working now!

  • Fanny
    August 2, 2005

    Hi NIc,
    what a great idea you had when creating blogging by mail.
    I’d love to participate, so when there’ll be another turn, tell me.

  • linda
    August 2, 2005

    Thanks for the round~up. I am sad because I never heard if my swapee received her parcel 🙁 I had fun doing this though, thank you for all your work organising!

  • Melissa
    August 3, 2005

    Hi Nic,
    I loved the roundup! You are a class act!

  • cookie jill
    August 3, 2005

    Sorry I missed this one. Thanks for the heads up on the other one.

    Sounds like a whole bunch of fun was had by all.

    (crazy bloggers, we!)

  • McAuliflower
    August 4, 2005

    I just received and blogged my package from Clare!

  • petula
    August 5, 2005

    Great idea, Nic! If you want a blogger by mail from Italy, I’m here! I wait the nex turn…

  • Sara
    August 5, 2005

    You are so clever! That is an amazing idea.

  • louise
    August 8, 2006

    i want to join in! this is a fantastic idea please please please let me know when the next one is

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