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Put ‘em Up! Fruit: A Preserving Guide & Cookbook

Put Em Up!

The summer, when almost everything is in season, is the time to thing about preserving. Home preservation and canning has been becoming more and more popular over the past few years, as people become more interested in making the most of high quality, farm-fresh produce and in the ingredients that go into their food. There is no better way to take control than by giving ... Read More »

Star Wars Cookbook and Lightsaber Pops

Star Wars Cookbook

I had to give a nod to this unique popsicle making set as soon as I saw it, for all my friends who are Star Wars fans. This Star Wars Cookbook is great for fans of the series who want something cool while they’re watching their favorite scenes in the summer. It is subtitled Ice Sabers: 30 Chilled Treats Using the Force of Your Freezer!. ... Read More »

Ripe: A Fresh, Colorful Approach to Fruits and Vegetables

Ripe: A Fresh, Colorful Approach to Fruits and Vegetables

Messages about eating seasonally are everywhere if you’re into food. They’re in magazines, cookbooks, blogs and on tv cooking shows. Eating seasonally means that your produce will taste better, be fresher and be less expensive than it is at other times of the year, and those are all great reasons to put a little extra effort into seasonal eating.┬áRipe: A Fresh, Colorful Approach to Fruits ... Read More »

Ice Pops: Recipes for Fresh and Flavorful Frozen Treats

Ice Pops

On a hot day, you are more likely to reach for a cold treat than a hot one when you want something sweet. Ice cream is a good choice, but fruity and ice-cold popsicles can be even more refreshing. You could track down the neighborhood ice cream truck when you want a popsicle-fix, but making your own can yield popsicles that are much more delicious, ... Read More »



Every baker needs to have some good frosting recipes that they can whip up at any time to finish off a batch of cupcakes or a layer cake. Frostings, while they don’t often get the spotlight the way the cake recipes do, are a crucial component of a dessert because they add moisture, flavor and give just the right finishing touches to draw someone in ... Read More »

Bakeless Sweets

Bakeless Sweets

Making dessert doesn’t mean that you always have to turn on the oven and do some baking. There are all kinds of no-bake desserts out there to choose from – and “no-bake” encompases a lot more than a box of Jell-o pudding mix. Bakeless Sweets: Pudding, Panna Cotta, Fluffs, Icebox Cakes, and More No-Bake Desserts is a cookbook that includes all kinds of no-bake desserts, ... Read More »

Bake it in a Cupcake

Bake it in a Cupcake

A cupcake is a treat that delivers a lot of flavor in a small, single-serving package. They’re usually dressed up with sprinkles or other pops of color on top, but when there is a surprise inside the cupcake – such as a dollop of chocolate or marshmallow filling – it makes it that much more delicious. In Bake it in a Cupcake, you’ll find dozens ... Read More »

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