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I Scream Sandwich

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I Scream SandwichMost of us don’t feel like baking during hot weather, but it’s hard to turn down a cookie even when it feels like an oven outside. Bakers need to do a little bit of advance planning during the summer so that they can bake while it’s cool outside and still have treats to eat when it is hot. An ice cream sandwich is one of the ultimate baked goods you can have during the summer, since it delivers both a satisfying cookie and some cooling ice cream. They require a bit of advance planning because they need to freeze – but once frozen, they’ll keep for quite a while, so a big batch can help get you through several hot days.

I Scream Sandwich is a cookbook dedicated to the ice cream sandwich and walks you through both the ice cream and cookie recipes – with suggestions for storebought substiututions, should you need to speed up the sandwich-making process a bit. It starts off with some ice cream basics, since that is the elemnent that is most important to an ice cream sandwich, and then goes into sandwich mechanics, including timing shaping and storage suggestions.

The recipes are divided into chapters by type and each ice cream is paired with a cookie recipe right off the bat. The recipes are paired up to deliver specific flavors, such as a cookie sandwich that tastes like key lime pie, but you can mix and match the cookies and ice creams to create your own flavor combinations, too. There are plenty of tips to coach you through the sandwich-making process and “dress it up” ideas that will embellish your sandwiches with extra layer of flavor. The instructions are clear and reassuring, designed to give the reader some encouragement even if they’ve never attempted an ice cream sandwich before. Beautiful photos make the recipes even more tempting, although ice cream sandwiches don’t need a picture to sound mouthwatering.

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  • Jennie Schacht
    August 19, 2013

    Thanks so much for having a look at i scream SANDWICH! and sharing it with your readers!

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