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Real Snacks: Make Your Favorite Childhood Treats Without All the Junk

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Real Snacks CookbookThere are many snacks that we feel nostalgia for. Some snack cakes bring up memories of swapping snacks with friends at lunchtime. Some potato chips remind us of watching cartoons after school. It is tempting to revisit these old favorites – but when you do, you often find that they don’t taste as good as you remember. This is due to a combination of things, namely the fact that your tastebuds will change at least a little as you grow up and the fact that many of these snack cake are made with ingredients (preservatives, colorings) that sound more like a school science project than a snack. In Real Snacks: Make Your Favorite Childhood Treats Without All the Junk, you can learn to make your own, homemade versions of childhood favorites with higher quality, natural ingredients so you can be nostalgic with something that tastes delicious.

The recipes in the book will look and sound familiar as you read through the names and browse through the pictures, and the most difficult part of using it will be trying to decide which recipe to start with. The book has two main sections: sweet snacks and salty snacks. The sweet side includes snack cakes, cookies and confections, and that is where you’ll find homemade chocolate snack cakes and moon pies. The salty side includes chips, crackers and dips, and is where you’ll find homemade cheesy Goldfish crackers and nacho cheese tortilla chips. To get these recipes as close to the originals as possible, the recipes sometimes call for small amounts of flours besides all purpose, to give the finished product a slightly different texture or flavor that will help the recipe to turn out just right. The recipes are thorough and easy to follow, so even though your 20th batch may look a little more picture perfect than your first, you’ll definitely be able to capture those classic flavors at home.

The unique thing about this book is that it includes vegan and gluten free substitutions for every recipe in the book. In some cases, this means that there are substitution suggestions offered alongside the recipe. In other cases, this means that there is a completely revised (and gluten free/vegan friendly) recipe following the “regular” recipe. This makes the book suitable for just about everyone who wants to makeover their favorite snacks and gives bakers a lot of options to out at home.

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  • josie
    August 26, 2013

    Thanks for the heads up about this book! As I am just rediscovering my passion for cooking, and blogging about my journey, this one looks like a must have.

  • Divya
    August 29, 2013

    Thanks for such good book . I am happy that now i can make yummy snacks for my son at home .

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