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Girl Scouts Add S’Mores to 2017 Cookie Lineup

Girl Scouts Add S'Mores to 2017 Cookie Lineup

Almost every year, the Girl Scouts add a new cookie – or sometimes two – to their existing lineup of cookies. This gives them a chance to try to incorporate various food trends into their products and to pull in some new customers who might be a bit bored with the same familiar offerings. Last year, however, the Girl Scouts didn’t introduce any new cookies. ... Read More »

General Mills Launches Girl Scout Cookie Breakfast Cereals

General Mills Launches Girl Scout Cookie Breakfast Cereals

Girl Scout Cookies have come a long way from once-a-year cookie sales. There are Girl Scout Cookie ice creams, candy bars and cake/cookie mixes that you can buy all year round. Add another item to that list because General Mills just announced the launch of Girl Scout Cookie breakfast cereals, due to hit store shelves early next year. The cereals will be released in two flavors, Thin Mints ... Read More »

Pillsbury Launches Girl Scout Cookie Flavored Baking Mixes

Pillsbury Launches Girl Scout Cookie Flavored Baking Mixes

Girl Scout cookies are a seasonal treat that many of us look forward to all year long. You can bake your own while you’re waiting for the Girl Scouts to hit the streets, but there is something fun about buying a box from a scout. To get your fix another way, keep an eye out for some new Girl Scout Cookie-flavored baking mixes from Pillsbury. ... Read More »

Hostess Introduces Deep Fried Twinkies, No County Fair Needed

Hostess Introduces Deep Fried Twinkies, No County Fair Needed

Deep fried Twinkies are a food that county fair-goers have been enjoying for more than a decade. Credit for the fried version of the cream filled snack cake is given to a British-born man named Christopher Sell, who cooked up the first fried Twinkies at his Brooklyn fish and chip shop. The New York Times described what happens when a Twinkie is fried: Something magical ... Read More »

White Lily Introduces New Premium Flour Blends

White Lily's New Premium Flour Blends

When you think of White Lily, you probably think about biscuits. This Southern-based brand is known as being the best flour for baking light, tender biscuits – and there are plenty of Southern bakers who absolutely won’t bake biscuits without it. White Lily flour isn’t just for baking biscuits, however. The brand has just released three new premium flour blends that offer bakers some interesting ... Read More »

Hershey’s Chocolate Spreads, Reviewed

Hershey's Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

When you think about a spreadable chocolate product, you probably think of Nutella, the popular chocolate hazelnut spread that originated in Italy over 50 years ago. But Nutella isn’t the only chocolate spread on the market anymore, as quite a few brands are coming out with their own versions of the tasty treat. Hershey’s is the latest company to release a line of creamy, spreadable ... Read More »

Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil Spray, reviewed

TJ's Coconut Oil Spray

Coconut oil is a natural vegetable oil made by pressing the oil out of coconut meal. The fat is used in many cooking and baking applications, and it is become more and more common in grocery stores. Typically, coconut oil is found packaged in a jar, and I was surprised to see that Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil Spray took another approach to this oil by ... Read More »

Foodie Flashcards

Foodie Flash Cards

The last time you probably used flash cards was when studying for a vocabulary test of some kind in school. They’re usually set up with a word on one side of the card and a definition on the other, giving you an easy way to quiz yourself with a deck. They will work for just about any subject, and these Foodie Flashcards are designed to ... Read More »

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