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Foodie Flashcards

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Foodie Flash Cards

The last time you probably used flash cards was when studying for a vocabulary test of some kind in school. They’re usually set up with a word on one side of the card and a definition on the other, giving you an easy way to quiz yourself with a deck. They will work for just about any subject, and these Foodie Flashcards are designed to give you a crash course in foodie terminology. The deck contains 50 cards featuring different foodie vocabulary words. Each card features a word on one side, and the definition, pronunciation and examples of how it is used on the back. They’re humorous cards, so while they really will clear up some terms you might not have been familiar with, they’ll definitely do it in a way that will put a smile on your face, too.

You really will be able to improve your foodie vocabulary and get a clearer idea of what terms like “locavore” and “umami” mean, but even if you’re familiar with the terms, you’ll enjoy the way that they’re presented. The cards also include a foodie game insert, which gives you ideas for things to do while waiting at the food truck for your fusion taco order to come up. This is a fun gift for a foodie friend, but the cards can also be fun to go through if you’re with a bunch of other food-loving friends and want to quiz each other a little bit.

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