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General Mills Launches Girl Scout Cookie Breakfast Cereals

General Mills Launches Girl Scout Cookie Breakfast Cereals

Girl Scout Cookies have come a long way from once-a-year cookie sales. There are Girl Scout Cookie ice creams, candy bars and cake/cookie mixes that you can buy all year round. Add another item to that list because General Mills just announced the launch of Girl Scout Cookie breakfast cereals, due to hit store shelves early next year. The cereals will be released in two flavors, Thin Mints and Caramel Crunch (which is inspired by the Samoas cookies). There isn’t a tremendous amount of information out about the cereal yet and GM says that it will release more details as the cookie launch approaches. That said, since General Mills also makes Cookie Crisp cereal, it’s a safe bet that the Girl Scout flavors are going to be similar in size and texture. That means we’re looking for a crunchy “cookie” that is smaller than bite size with a burst of Girl Scout cookie flavor.

I suspect that these “cereals” will make a better snack than they will a breakfast cereal, especially since I don’t necessarily want chocolate in my cereals in the first place, but those who can’t get enough of these tasty cookies will surely enjoy them!

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