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Cook’s Illustrated Tests Food Processors


My food processor gets a lot of use because it is one of the most versatile tools in my kitchen. Food processors can do everything from pureeing ingredients for soups to whipping up fluffy whipped cream to kneading pizza dough – and that is just the tip of the iceberg. They’re also fairly large, as countertop appliances go, so if you are going to make ... Read More »

Williams-Sonoma Heart Madeleine Pan

Williams-Sonoma Heart Madeleine Pan

I have a couple of madeleine pans in my collection. While madeleines are often made in small batches at home, you really don’t need more than one or two pans at a time, however the relatively small size (and pretty look) of madeleine pans make them just about irresistible and I have found room for quite a few in my collection. Madeleines typically have a ... Read More »

Wilton 5 Layer Heart Cake Pan Set

Wilton 5 Layer Heart Cake Pan Set

Wilton makes some great products for cake bakers and decorators, whether you only bake during the holidays or do it on a daily basis. They’re always coming out with interesting shaped pans that allow you to make impressive and fun cakes easily. I’ve really enjoyed working with their 5 Layer Cake Pan Set, which allows you to easily make an impressively tall layer cake, so ... Read More »

Cook’s Illustrated Reviews Mini Loaf Pans


I love making mini loaves. They’re cute, fun to serve and easy to pack up as gifts for friends and family. The other bonus is that they have a shorter baking time than full sized loaf cakes and breads, so you will be able to eat your favorite baked goods with a much shorter wait time. Most recipes intended for 9×5-inch loaf pans can be ... Read More »

Baking Bites Kitchen Renovation – Demo Day!

Baking Bites Kitchen Reno - Taking Down the Cabinets

Once I decided that I needed to redo my kitchen - a decision that took less than a minute, given that the room hadn’t been upgraded since it was built in the early 1960s – I had some decisions to make. Specifically, I needed to decide if there was anything worth saving in the space. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I really liked the ... Read More »

Nordic Ware Mini Citrus Loaf Pan

Nordic Ware Mini Citrus Loaf Pan

Mini loaves are fun for entertaining because they’re cute and easy to serve. They’re also excellent for gift-giving, as they can be easily wrapped up before delivery. They also bake up more quickly than full size loaf cakes, which means that you’ll be able to take a bite of that freshly baked cake in almost no time at all. I’ve used a wide variety of ... Read More »

Baking Bites Kitchen Renovation – The Journey Begins

Original Condo Kitchen

Earlier this year, I took a big HGTV-inspired leap and bought my first foreclosure. As you may know from reading my about page, I live in Los Angeles where the housing market is pretty competitive. Foreclosures tend to be in high demand from house flippers, but they’re a great way to enter the market at a pretty reasonable price (for whatever area you’re looking to ... Read More »

FoodSaver Bags: Not Just for Saving Food

FoodSaver System with Bags

The FoodSaver® System is one of the most useful tools in my kitchen when it comes to keeping food fresh. The handy vacuum sealer is excellent when it comes to helping me preserve everything from meat to cookie dough for long term storage, but that isn’t the only thing that it can be used for despite the fact that it is in its name! The things that make ... Read More »

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