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Nordic Ware Bee Cookie Stamps

Nordic Ware Bee Cookie Stamps
If you have a soft spot for honey and liked the look of the Beehive Cakelet Pan I discovered the other week, you’ll love this set of Nordic Ware Bee Cookie Stamps. Sold in a set of three, these adorable stamps come with different bee-related designs: a bee, honeycomb and a flower. stamps are made by Nordic Ware and are made of heavy duty aluminum, mounted to wooden handles. Each stamp is about 3-inches in diameter. The designs not only have a lot of detail to them, but they are deep enough that all that detail will transfer to any dough you stamp with them. The stamps are a good choice for butter cookies and shortbread, both of which will hold the design very well, but can also be used for peanut butter and other cookies that are typically marked with a stamp (or fork) of some kind. I highly recommend choosing a recipe that incorporates a little bit of honey, like my Honey Peanut Butter Cookies, to tie the finished recipe in with the design on the stamps.

You can also use these stamps to put designs onto fondant and modeling chocolate, then use them to decorate cakes and cupcakes. Anything soft enough to take the stamp can be used and you’ll want to get creative once you have these in your kitchen.

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