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Baking Bites Kitchen Renovation – Planning A New Layout

Baking Bites Kitchen Renovation – Planning A New Layout with IKEA

In my last update on my kitchen renovation, I documented the demolition of the out-of-date and seriously dirty kitchen in my new place. Pulling out those old cabinets made it look better than I had seen it – but a kitchen without cabinets, appliances and countertops isn’t that much use in the long run and I wanted to get the new stuff in there! Why ... Read More »

Wilton Conversation Hearts Silicone Mold

Wilton Conversation Heart Silicone Mold

Conversation hearts are a Valentine’s Day tradition and a sweet way to send someone you love a little message. I’ve always had a soft spot for these little candy hearts and use them for everything from Valentine’s Day garnishes to an ingredient in a very unusual Valentine’s Day rum. If you’re also a fan of this classic holiday candy, the Conversation Heart Silicone Mold from Wilton ... Read More »

Tribesigns Digital Kitchen Timer, reviewed

Tribesigns Digital Kitchen Timer

My kitchen timer gets more use than any piece of equipment in my kitchen. I use it to time everything from french press pots of coffee in the morning to recipes that I’m developing in the afternoon. I’ve gone through dozens of kitchen timers over the years and have found that some are better than others. When I’m shopping for a kitchen timer, I look ... Read More »

Nordic Ware Beehive Cakelet Pan

Nordic Ware Beehive Cakelet Pan

I love mini cakes of all shapes and sizes and own a wide variety of specialty pans that allow me to make them, even if I usually stick to the most widely available mini cake pans (muffin pans, for instance) for most of the recipes I share here. Most cake and muffin recipes can be easily adapted to mini cake pans by tweaking the baking ... Read More »

Cook’s Illustrated Tests Belgian-Style Waffle Irons

Cook's Illustrated Tests Belgian-Style Waffle Irons

Crispy Belgian waffles with deep, syrup-catching pockets and fluffy interiors are a breakfast treat that many of us don’t get to eat nearly as often as we would like to. Belgian waffles require a special type of waffle iron that will produce the correct waffle shape, as well as a great waffle batter recipe that will give the waffles just the right consistency. Fortunately, there are ... Read More »

Pizzeria Pronto Stovetop Pizza Oven

Pizzeria Pronto Stovetop Pizza Oven

There are people who spend years trying to perfect their at-home pizza game. The easiest way to improve your homemade pizza is by using a pizza or baking stone in your existing oven, which gives your pizza crust a very hot surface on which to bake, but it is hard to replicate the ultra-hot stone ovens that pizzerias have at home. If you have the ... Read More »

Cook’s Illustrated Tests Food Processors


My food processor gets a lot of use because it is one of the most versatile tools in my kitchen. Food processors can do everything from pureeing ingredients for soups to whipping up fluffy whipped cream to kneading pizza dough – and that is just the tip of the iceberg. They’re also fairly large, as countertop appliances go, so if you are going to make ... Read More »

Williams-Sonoma Heart Madeleine Pan

Williams-Sonoma Heart Madeleine Pan

I have a couple of madeleine pans in my collection. While madeleines are often made in small batches at home, you really don’t need more than one or two pans at a time, however the relatively small size (and pretty look) of madeleine pans make them just about irresistible and I have found room for quite a few in my collection. Madeleines typically have a ... Read More »

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