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Wilton Wine Bottle Cake Pan

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Wilton Wine Bottle Cake Pan

A bottle of wine is a good host or hostess gift to bring to a party, but I have a feeling that a wine cake baked in this unusual Wine Bottle Cake Pan from Wilton will be an even bigger hit! The 15-inch long pan bakes a bottle-shaped cake that will be an attention grabber anywhere you go. The cake pan holds the equivalent of one box of cake mix and measures 15-inches x 5.5-inches. Most mixes are around 15 ounces – some are a bit smaller – but they typically offer enough mix to make two 8-inch or 9-inch cake layers. That means that you could easily adapt a non-cake mix recipe for use in this pan by picking out one that you might normally use for a layer cake. The pan is nonstick but, as is always the case with shaped pans, I recommend lightly greasing it and dusting the interior with flour just to ensure that your cake comes out easily. Once cooled, your cake can be decorated with frosting, fondant or other toppings. You can dress it up like your favorite wine, of course, but the bottle can also be used to capture the look of a favorite beer or soda, depending on the occasion.

While any cake flavor can be used, you might want to try a recipe that has some wine in it, such as my Sauvignon Blanc Cake or one with some soda (for a soda cake), like my Coca Cola Cake.

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