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Star Whoopie Pie Pan

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Star Whoopie Pie Pan

Whoopie pie pans are baking pans with shallow cavities that allow you to make perfectly sized rounds of cookie dough or cake batter for making whoopie pies or other sandwich cookies. When I first heard about this type of pan, I wasn’t sure that I needed one. After using one, however, I found that it made the whoopie pie process incredibly quick and easy, streamlining the sandwiching process by ensuring each cookie is the same size as the next. Most whoopie pie pans are round, but they can also be made in different shapes and that means that pans like this Star Whoopie Pie Pan from Williams Sonoma can really up your sandwich cookie game.

The heavy duty, nonstick pan has 12 shallow, star-shaped cavities that are just the right size for whoopie pies. Simply spoon or pipe your batter into the pan and bake! I highly recommend piping your batter using a piping bag or a ziploc with a corner snipped off because it will allow you to get all the batter in place without losing any over the edges of the stars. You can also use this pan for bite-sized cookies and brownies by pressing a thicker dough into place.

I highly recommend using this pan to make my Red, White and Blue Whoopie Pies for patriotic holidays like Memorial Day or the 4th of July. The colorful batter will look even better in a star shape than it does in a circle! That said, any whoopie pie recipe can be used with this pan by adjusting the baking time by a minute or two, depending on what size the original whoopie pies were compared to the cavities in the pan.

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