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Classic Caipirinha

How to Make a Classic Caipirinha

The Caipirinha is one of the most (if not the most) popular cocktails in Brazil. The recipe dates back around 100 years, when it was reputed to have medicinal properties (as were many spirited drinks!). The drink is made with cachaça, lime and sugar and is very simple to make. Though the flavor of the finished drink is different, it is often compared to a ... Read More »

What is Cachaça?

What is Cachaça?

Cachaça is a Brazilian distilled spirit made from sugar cane juice. It is the best selling and most popular spirit in Brazil. There are approximately 1.2 billion liters produced annually and only a tiny portion of that is exported to other countries. By contrast, in 2014, Kentucky distilleries distilled 1.2 million barrels (approx 143 million liters) of bourbon. Two types of Cachaça are produced: a ... Read More »

Strawberry Cucumber Pimm’s Cup

Strawberry Cucumber Pimm's Cup

Pimm’s #1 is a lovely liqueur that is closely associated with a single cocktail: the Pimm’s Cup. The Pimm’s Cup is a simple cocktail that combines the liqueur with lemon and ginger ale. Like all simple recipes, this one is an excellent choice if you want to play around with other flavors and put your own twist on it. This Strawberry Cucumber Pimm’s Cup combines ... Read More »

Baking Bites for Craftsy: How to Host A Wine Tasting

Baking Bites for Craftsy: How to Host A Wine Tasting

People who love to cook and bake also usually love to entertain. Throwing a party, whether it is a small get-together or a huge gathering, not only lets us bring people together, but gives us an excuse to try out all kinds of wonderful new recipes. You can’t have a party without beverages to go with your snacks and I enjoy everything from coffee to ... Read More »

Irish Cream Egg Cream

Irish Cream Egg Cream

The other day, I showed you how to make classic Chocolate Egg Cream at home. These soda fountain treats were all the rage back when the counter at the local pharmacy was the hottest spot in town to hang out – and they still have plenty of fans today. Despite the name, egg creams contain neither egg nor cream. They’re made with chocolate syrup, milk ... Read More »

Baking Bites for Craftsy: Irish Coffee, Three Ways

How to Make Irish Coffee

Irish coffee is one of the most popular coffee cocktails that there is. The drink was invented nearly 80 years ago, by an Irish chef who combined whiskey and coffee for a drink that would really take the chill off in cold, damp Irish winters. The drink was such a hit that news of it traveled back to the US, where several bartenders tried to ... Read More »

Coconut Mocha

Homemade Coconut Mocha Coffee Drink

Chocolate and coconut is one of my favorite combinations – after chocolate and coffee, of course. Starbucks and other coffee chains tend to put coconut on their spring and summer menus, when consumers are in the mood for a cold beverage with a tropical flair. While I enjoy coconut mocha frappuccinos, I also enjoy hot coconut mochas. Fortunately, they’re easy to make at home, so ... Read More »

What is chicory?

Cafe du Monde Coffee with Chicory

Chicory is a root that can be roasted, ground and brewed like coffee and, in some parts of the world, is combined with coffee to make a unique breakfast beverage. In the US, New Orleans is a city that is known for the combination of coffee and chicory, but that pairing traces back to the city’s French roots. Chicory came into popular usage in France ... Read More »

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