Churro Maker

Churro Maker

It is hard to beat a fresh batch of churros, whether you’re enjoying them at a theme park or whipping up a batch in your own kitchen. Since homemade churros tend to be fresher than those you’ll find while you’re out (unless you happen to be in Spain or visiting a restaurant like XOCO in Chicago), it is worth learning to make them┬áif you are a churro fan. The batter used to make churros is very straightforward, but the process of shaping the churros can be tricky. I generally use a piping bag outfitted with a star tip, but that won’t deliver the exact same look that you get from a professional made churro. If you want to up your churro game, consider investing in a Churro Maker, straight from Spain.

This gadget looks similar to a cookie dough press, but it is outfitted with different plates that allow you to make five different churro shapes that look much more professional than what you can do with a regular pastry bag. Simply place your dough into the tool and press out the churros (straight into hot oil typically delivers the best results) into the size and shape you need. The press is study and easy to clean or to refill, if you’re making a big batch. While I usually serve my churros with dip on the side, one of the included discs creates a hollow churro, which you can stuff with your favorite filling.

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  1. Ooo I’ve never heard of making a filled churro before. That sounds HEAVENLY! :)

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