Celebrating Everyday Occasions Pillsbury Baking Giveaway! (closed)

Pillsbury Cake Mixes

Summer should be full of bright colors and bold flavors, and the foods of summer are no exception. Grills come out to cook meats and veggies, and fresh fruits get incorporated into everything from drinks to dessert. Even cake and cookie mixes can get into the summer spirit, and Pillsbury‘s seasonal Key Lime and Orangesicle mixes are the perfect example. They have bold colors and flavors that fit in well with the spirit of the season, but let you cut down on some of the time you have to spend in the kitchen when it comes to entertaining. To kick-start the summer, I’m hosting a summer giveaway from Pillsbury that includes over $120 of goodies that will allow you to celebrate everyday occasions even better.

The giveaway includes:

  • One box of Pillsbury Funfetti Premium Cake & Cupcake Mix
  • Funfetti Frostings (1 each of four new frosting flavors)
  • One box each Summer Seasonal Cake & Cookie Mixes
  • Frostings (1 of each of Creamy Supreme Key Lime and Creamy Supreme Orangesicle)
  • $100 dollar Visa or American Express gift card

To enter the contest, just leave a comment below and tell me what your favorite summertime treat to bake is. The winner of the contest will be chosen at random, so those who love to bake fudgy brownies to take to weekend picnics will have just as much chance of winning as those who serve up simple strawberry shortcakes! The contest ends at midnight Sunday, May 26th and one winner will be randomly selected from the entries at that time. Don’t forget to fill in your e-mail on the comment form (it will not be made public), as that is how I will contact the winner, and good luck to everyone!

And if you need some inspiration when it comes to putting those mixes to good use, try my Orangesicle Magic Bars

Orangesicle Bars

Or my festive Funfetti Ice Cream Cone Tuiles, which you’d never believe were made with cake mix.

Funfetti Ice Cream Cones

Update: Comments are now closed. The winner will be announced shortly!


  1. In the summer, I love to make cakes and mix different fruits and put the fruits on the cake and top with whipped toppings. also I put some fruits in tea and this makes for a refreshing drink.

  2. candy luvscats kratzer

    Apple Dew Tart.

  3. My kitchen wouldn’t exist without Pillsbury oprodaucts in the fridge or in the cupboard, always on my shopping list!

  4. Lemon Bars! Easy and quick to make and they vanish so quickly with a big glass of cold milk. Nom Nom Nom!

  5. I really want to try the Orangesicle!

  6. ice cream sandwiches made with huge chocolate chip cookies

  7. I like making Kahlua brownies to top with homemade ice cream!

  8. I love no bake key lime cheese cake. No need to heat up the oven on a hot summer day.

  9. Anything with raspberries- raspberry bars are easy and delicious!

  10. I love basic brownies, super easy to make and bake off quick (so as to not heat the house up in the summer!) and they are great by themselves, but even better with ice cream!

  11. I love homemade ice cream for summer, especially lavender and lemon sorbet or golden syrup ice cream

  12. i love making banana pudding!

  13. (I hope this is open to Canadians)

    I make a frozen strawberry margarita pie, with pretzel crust that is a perfect summer treat.

  14. S’mores and homemade ice cream are my favorite summertime desserts!

  15. Kellie Rose Wilson

    I love homemade ice cream sandwiches with sprinkles!

  16. Can’t wait to try the Key Lime mix… looks amazing!!

  17. cupcakes, cupcakes and more cupcakes for summer

  18. homemade ice cream!

  19. these look delish!!!
    i really want to try them

  20. Michelle Vandergrift

    I could make a lot of fun goodies with all of this!

  21. I love to make homemade ice cream and ice cream cakes.

  22. Lemon bars have always been a family favorite

  23. Anything with lemon, lime, and strawberry! Oh, and coconut! ;)

  24. Summer memories include baking cheesecake bars and kahlua chocolate chip cake! Oh Yum!!!

  25. I love Fresh Peach Shortcakes with dollops of fresh whipped cream with a hint of peach liquor.

  26. Lemon Bars, light and delicious!

  27. I love to make my mom’s stovetop brownies. They’re easy and perfect with a big scoop of ice cream!

  28. i love to make ice cream / sorbet with all of the lovely seasonal fruits!

  29. Pandora Spocks

    My children and I love all the Pillsbury products! We love making cupcakes but some of the newer recipes look very fun! We’d like to try the ice cream comes!

  30. I love making ice cream sandwiches.

  31. Berry cobbler is my favorite!

  32. Michellea David

    Love fat-free lemon pie

  33. Really light cookies (like sugar cookies) to serve with fruit.

  34. Nothing speaks summer to me more than a smoky marshmellow smore.

  35. Anything I can whip up using my ice cream machine!

  36. In the summer I love to slice up strawberries over a slice of pound cake and top it with whipped cream. I always make my own whip cream and often end up putting some amaretto into it. A lazy man’s strawberry shortcake. Bust still delicious!

    I am also working my margarita cake into heavy rotation this year. It’s great for a summer picnic.

  37. I love baking fresh fruit pies – my favorite is peach strawberry!

  38. My favorite summertime treat is ice cream, but I love to bake all sorts of cookies, cupcakes and scones all year long. Also, summer=strawberries – the very best berries there are.

  39. I love to make cupcakes but cookies are the kids favorite. I have made the key lime cupcakes and they are great. I love the colorful funfetti icings. Have not seen the green yet. Makes the kids happy just seeing the bright cheerful colors.

  40. My favorite treat to bake during the summer is strawberry cupcakes ! Thats my favortie treat becasue It has an awsome flavor in it , and who doesn’t love strawberrys during the summer I mean come on ! :-)

  41. I love to make Rice Krispie treats. Easy to make and something my kids will eat.

  42. My favorite summertime treat is anything involving berries, but for baking I’ll saw that your Strawberry Pecan Shortbread bars can’t be beat! They are part of my teacher’s gifts every June and my welcome-back dinners every August!

  43. Fruit cobbler (to be eaten with vanilla ice cream, of course!)

  44. I love making angel food cake with fresh strawberries and a non dairy whipped frosting…Cool and refreshing for those summer nites…

  45. My favorite treat is homemade popsicles

  46. Hands down, my favorite summertime treat to bake is chocolate cookies….so I can sandwich some Haagen Dazs in between them.

  47. Anything that is no bake.

  48. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful contest!

  49. I love to make chocolate cupcakes!

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