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Strawberry Creme Peeps with Dark Chocolate, reviewed

V-Day Peeps
Over the holidays, I tried quite a few limited edition Peeps and really enjoyed the novelty of having some seasonal flavors instead of the usual, and relatively plain, traditional Peeps. These Strawberry Creme Peeps are a Valentine’s Day edition that caught my eye – and I was glad to have a chance to try them out before the holiday was completely over! The Peeps are bright red and strawberry-flavored, and they’re dipped in a thin layer of dark chocolate. The store where I spotted them also carried the same strawberry flavor Peeps dipped in milk chocolate. From previous Peep-tasting experience, I know that I prefer to have dark chocolate with my Peeps, so I passed over the milk chocolate option this time around.

As soon as you open the package, you get a big burst of strawberry scent, and the Peeps have just as strong a flavor. It’s pleasant, like strawberry candy (which, of course, it is) rather than a bite of fresh strawberry. With the dark chocolate in the picture, however, you really do get a chocolate dipped strawberry flavor that makes these Peeps quite tasty. The strawberry flavor does make them seem a little sweeter than your average Peep, so they’re better in small doses than they are in a big bunch unless you have a big sweet tooth. But given the cute factor of the chick-shaped marshmallows and the fun flavoring, these just might make a more fun Valentine’s Day treat than real chocolate covered berries for a marshmallow lover (or at least in addition to them!).

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