The OCD Chef Cutting Board

The OCD Chef Cutting Board

I don’t want to play down the seriousness of OCD as a condition that many have to deal with, but if you’ve ever tried to really learn the knife skills that classically trained chefs have used for generations, you’ll know that a small element of OCD might actually be helpful in mastering them. OCD in this case, of course, stands for “obsessive chopping and dicing,” and the The OCD Chef Cutting Board helps you to practice exactly these skills. The wooden board is laid out with a measured grid that helps you get the perfect large, medium or small dice and even tiny brunoises (1/8-in or 1/16-in square cubes), as well as juliennes and batonnets when you are chopping. The board alone isn’t going to have you chopping up vegetables with the ease and speed of a Michelin-starred chef, but it does mean that you won’t need to eyeball the measurements and hope that your dice are all the same size for even cooking. And if you have a sharp chef’s knife and a bag full of carrots, onions and potatoes to practice with, you just might get both that speed and that prevision down with a little help from the OCD board.


  1. Haha this is so cool!

  2. I don’t have OCD (well, maybe a bit) but I do use a ruler to cut squares of my brownies and bar cookies. This would work so much better than my ruler positioned at the top of my cutting board.

  3. This cutting board is hilarious. I’m sure it’s very useful.

  4. If only it came with kevlar gloves :)

  5. “speed and that prevision”?

    Don’t quit your day job. Oh wait…

  6. That looks awesome! I could use a new cutting board anyway…

  7. This is so for me. Thanks for blogging can’t wait to get my own :)

  8. This kind tool is totally cool! I think I want to have one too! It will surely help me a lot.

  9. My wife could use that board. She is beyond OCD. She has CDO (OCD in it’s proper alphabetical order).

    ha ha.

  10. So sorry to hear that baking drove you to mini-OCD! Maybe one of my get-well cards will cheer you up. I make the paper myself. It’s made from birch tree bark that I grow just for the paper. And I hope you like the calligraphy. I studied calligraphy with Venerable abbot Shi Yongxin at the Mahayana Buddhist Monastery for four years – he was brilliant! Also the ink is my own formula. I deep sea dive, capturing squid and milking them before they wiggle away – “catch and release” is my motto. But my greatest achievement is the perfume added to the ink. I was able to obtain a very small portion of a rare flower essence from a blossom that only grows high in the canopy of the Amazon rainforest. I had to fight off a crazed troop spider monkeys, but it was well worth the three weeks of rabies shots to have it in my possession.

    Love to All,
    Sarah (with an H)

  11. I must have this in my life!!!!

  12. Sarah (with an H) – what the fluff are you talking about?!

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