Nordic Ware Funny Face Treat Pan

Funny Face Pan

Once in a while, I spot a pan that really makes me smile and Nordic Ware’s Funny Face Treat Pan is one of them. This pan bakes 12 muffin top-sized treats and prints a variety of funny faces and cute phrases onto them. It’s almost like getting conversation hearts in the form of baked goods! The pan can be used to bake cookies, brownies, cakes, muffins or even whoopie pies. You can serve them as-is or stack them up into fun looking ice cream sandwiches – which is a great idea for dessert at a summertime party. The pan is cast aluminum and has a nonstick finish, so you should get a clean release. If you’re baking cookies, especially if the recipe is fairly buttery, you will probably get the treats to pop out of the pan very cleanly. If you’re using a cake batter or a whoopie pie recipe, you might want to lightly grease and flour the pan just to ensure that you get clear definition on all of those smiley faces.


  1. These are downright hilarious. I love them! My 4-year-old would get a great kick out of them. (As if he needs any coaxing to eat baked goodies!)

    Thanks for the product feature!

  2. that picture just made me soooo hungry!

  3. Love it! So much fun!!xx

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