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Tovolo Slide Pops, reviewed

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Tovolo Slide Pops, reviewed
Push up pops go by many different brand names, but the popsicles are all very similar. They’re packed in a (usually) cardboard tube with a plastic base that has a stick attached to the bottom it. The stick serves both as the popsicle’s handle and as a tool to push that plastic base up, forcing the popsicle up to the top of the cardboard tube, where you can eat it easily. They’re a little more interactive than your average popsicle, and that always made them a lot of fun to eat. Push pop molds can be difficult to find for home use, but Tovolo makes a set of Slide Pops that allow you to make your own push up popsicles easily.

The plastic molds are sold in sets of four and each has three parts: the tube, the base and a top. To fill the pops, simply slide the base back and pour or pack your filling into the tube, then set the top in place and freeze. They’re easy to use and deliver the same experience as the push pops you remember from childhood – except these are much sturdier than those cardboard tubes! The pop molds work best with thicker popsicle bases, such as yogurt pops or creamsicles, rather than highly fluid juice pops. This is because the tubes need to be propped up when freezing and a very thin liquid may drip out if the popsicle is left at an angle. I actually used a batch of my Ultimate Strawberry Milkshake for these pink pops. You can also pack them with layers of your favorite ice cream and toppings for a unique ice cream pop. When your pops are frozen, simply hold the tube in your hand for a moment to allow the filling to release from the sides of the tube, then you can push up your pop and enjoy! They are just as much fun to eat as you remembered, and they come apart easily so that you can wash them for the next round of pops.

Tovolo Slide Pops, reviewed

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