Tartlet Baking Set

Mini Tart Baking Set
Tartlets make beautiful desserts. Bite sized and elegant, these desserts aren’t usually the first choice for home chefs to put together because it is a little bit of a hassle to cut the pastry and press it into dozens of individual mini tart shells before baking. Imagine that all of those tart shells were not separated, but were all together in a single pan, like they are in this Tartlet Baking Set. This very neat set streamlines the tart-making process by allowing you to make all of your tart shells at once. For pastry shells, you can roll out one large sheet of dough over the whole pan, then use the included tamper to press the dough into each of the wells and the included cutter to snip off the excess pastry. For shells that don’t require a rolled dough, you can simply add a scoop of your crumb mixture or cookie dough, the use the tamper to push it into the form, and again remove the excess with the cutter. The tart shells can be baked and filled with all kinds of fillings, like chocolate ganache and lemon curd for treats that look like they came from a bakery because of their uniformity, but really took just a few minutes to put together. It’s an idea that just might take tartlets from a once-in-a-while dessert to regular feature after dinner.


  1. You left out an ‘h’ at the front of the Williams Sonoma link.

  2. This is such a good idea! I’ve always wanted to make little tarts, but it’s sooo time consuming!

  3. It’s stuff like this that makes me wish we had Williams Sonoma in the UK :( We do have Lakeland, which is fantastic, but I get so jealous of all the lovely stuff I see that I can’t get hold of.

  4. Todd – Thanks for catching that! I fixed the link.

  5. I have a similar pan, except I got it on Amazon . It is a mini square tartlets pan with removable bottoms and it’s only 18 dollars! I got it at around 15 dollars for my birthday though. I highly recommend it, I used it once so far to bake brownies. I’ll try making tarts with it one day.

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