Sometimes, it’s hard to pass up a really good looking cookie and these Cookeys were no exception – except for the fact that these cookies aren’t exactly edible. Cookeys are rubbery key caps that are shaped like chocolate and vanilla sandwich cookies. They’re made by Fred, a designer known for coming up with all kinds of cute, food-related things, like the Cakewich Cake Pan and Light Bites Candles. One thing that I particularly like about the Cookeys is that they are very cute but, unlike some of my other foodie accessories, take up next to no space. Simply pop them onto your house key or car key and tuck them away in your purse or pocket. They’re a great gift for yourself, and a neat little present for friends and family, too. But keep in mind that looking at the little sandwich cookies all day might start to give you a craving for the edible variety, so you might also want to pick up a package of real sandwich cookies when you’re at the store next time!


  1. you always find the cutest dessert related things! now i need these lol…. and want a sandwich cookie :)

  2. We are in the process of building a home and this will be a definate part of my kitchen. What a novel way to free up your counter space and keep your cookbooks clean! Thank-you!

  3. Too cute! And they’re calorie-free. ;)

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