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You Won’t Believe What You Can Bake With This One Secret Ingredient!!

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6 Delicious Recipes That All Have Secret Ingredients

I’ve seen so many articles with titles just like this one, promising baking success with one “secret ingredient” or one “weird trick.” These sorts of headlines are known as “click-bait” because a lot of the content doesn’t match up to the hype of the headline. I’ve long associated them with gossip blog articles, though these days they seem to be just about everywhere. While I don’t mind an attention grabbing headline, I also want the recipe (or the piece of gossip, for that matter!) on the other end of that headline to really deliver. It’s not “click bait” as long as the content is “click worthy“! That means that I don’t want to see a batch of chocolate chip cookies that are made with a little extra vanilla or just doubles the salt under a headline that promises “secret ingredients”. Those ingredients aren’t secrets when it comes to cookie baking. I want to be surprised when I click on that headline and so does everyone else. After all, I do love a good secret.

My headline may be just a little bit tongue-in-cheek, but these recipes are legitimately made with secret or unexpected ingredients and each one delivers absolutely delicious results each and every time they’re made.

  1. Secret Ingredient Biscuits – This recipe doesn’t have a subtle name and uses a lot of its namesake secret ingredient. That ingredient yields a biscuit that is incredibly fluffy, tender and flavorful.
  2. Ultra-Flaky Pie Crust - The secret ingredient in this recipe tenderizes the pie crust, resulting in a crust that has lots of flaky, buttery layers that also melts in your mouth.
  3. Chocolate Spice Cupcakes – The secret ingredient in these deep chocolate cupcakes gives them a moist, soft crumb and enhances all the warm spices that are used in the batter. This is a great recipe to make when you’re cleaning out the pantry and need to use up some of that secret ingredient.
  4. Crazy Crust Apple Pie – The trick to this pie is that it doesn’t use a conventional pie crust recipe. saving you prep time in the kitchen and still yielding a delicious dessert.
  5. Lighter NY-Style Cheesecake – This cheesecake cuts calories using an unusual type of cheese, but keeps all of the creamy richness that you expect to find in a cheesecake.
  6. Almost Instant Vanilla Pudding – This vanilla pudding doesn’t have a secret ingredient as much as it has an unusual mixing method, but one key ingredient is what makes this easy pudding come together.

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