Stamp & Style Easter Cookie Cutters

Stamp & Style Easter Cookie Cutters

When I decorate cookies for Easter, I typically use some sort of colored frosting to create the designs, or simply rely on brightly colored sprinkles and candies to give the cookies a holiday look. Like decorating Easter eggs, however, using just two techniques can get a bit boring after a while. It’s nice when Easter eggs look unique, as well, as festive, and the same is true of Easter cookies. This Stamp & Style Easter Cookie Cutters set from Williams-Sonoma provides you with everything you need to spruce up those Easter cookies and make them a little fresher. The festive stamps and easy-to-use rollers allow you to create everything from borders of bunnies to wavy lines and zigzags all over your eggs. They’ll really allow kids to get creative when they decorate the cookies, too.I have to admit that part of the appeal here is that Easter egg cookies made with this set will be less messy (no dye on fingertips) and much tastier than real Easter eggs, and while you can’t hunt for them in the garden, nothing will be wasted because you can eat them all up when the holiday is over.


  1. Adorable is what this set is!

  2. These are so cute. I would love to have this set for Easter!

  3. I would like to buy these stamp and style cutters. ????

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